Founded in 2007, Bytezoom is a leading provider of K2 low-code digital process automation (DPA) solutions. With K2, thousands of organizations worldwide and 30 percent of the Fortune 100 have taken control of their business processes to increase visibility and improve operational efficiency. Bytezoom helps these organizations rapidly and intelligently create modern process applications, automate workflow, and transform their business.

Bytezoom solutions guide users through predefined steps that are needed for their business case. SmartForms capture user input where information or a decision is needed. Information needed by auditors is retained, and dashboards indicate status. Delayed tasks escalate automatically according to business rules. Solutions run locally, or in the cloud. Users can take action from their phone, by email, or through a website.

Bytezoom Services

Bytezoom provides enterprise integration, process automation, and custom form solutions to medium and large enterprises. Services include full stack development, cloud hosting, and high-SLA help desk support for K2 Five application developers and users. Through its innovative customer-based embedded managed practices, Bytezoom provides change management and support for K2 Five environments and business applications. Bytezoom is recognised for its highly effective rapid application development training and mentoring; and its line of unique K2 Five Product extensions that include developer tools, solution templates, and extensions to the K2 Five framework.

Bytezoom Products

Bytezoom provides a number of K2 extension products that make it easy to programatically access external systems such as DocuSign, Auth0, MS Excel, Dropbox, WebMerge, SalesNow, Toolwatch, AS/400 DB2, and others. We also have add-in controls for SmartForms, such as SmartK2 Multiple File Upload, RunJS, and ExtendedOperations.

Bytezoom Productivity Tools

Bytezoom also provides advanced tooling that allows K2 developers to get more work done in less time. One such tool is SmartForm Inspector.

Bytezoom Website

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