SmartForm Inspector for K2 Five

SmartForm Inspector is an advanced tool for users of K2 Designer. Compatible with K2 4.7 and K2 Five, it provides a faster way of viewing rules in a format that is easier to read and understand. With SmartForm Inspector, users can search rules for a specific term. They can easily remap a form or view to use different SmartObjects as data sources or for lookup. They can automatically generate easy-to-read portable documentation and they can output a form/view definition as XML to allow easy comparison and identification of differences across versions. < more >

Bytezoom SmartK2 Security Admin Service Broker

Provides a service broker, SmartObjects, and SmartForms needed extended K2 Admin capabilities to include features that are not found with K2 out of the box components. Forms that are included with the service broker make K2 Admin operations easy.

  • K2 Identity Cache Management
  • Export K2 Category Permissions
  • K2 Five Process Copy
  • Export/Import Category Permissions
  • Object Permission Rights Report
  • Users by Role Report
  • K2 Role Manager Service

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Bytezoom SmartK2 Multiple File Upload Control

K2 out of the box SmartForms provide a one-at-a-time file upload capability. This can be tedious for users who need to upload many files. With drag and drop functionality, the Multiple File Upload Control makes it easy for users to upload many files in one go with a minimum of mouse clicks. < more >

Bytezoom SmartK2 Service Broker

Facilitates true Rapid Application Development of K2 applications. Useful for K2 professional developers as well as Citizen Developers, SmartK2 services provide a set of SmartObjects, SmartForm templates, design patterns, and tutorials that slash development time from weeks to days, while putting testing, troubleshooting, and deployment on a fast track. No one should develop K2 applications without this. < more >

Bytezoom SmartK2 Identity Manager

This Auth0 based service allows non-Active Directory users to authenticate using social media and fully participate in K2 workflow origination and task assignments. Where users have multiple identities from a number of such providers, including Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, SharePoint, and social media, SmartK2 Identity Manager automatically maps a user to his “main” identity, thereby avoiding confusion over task assignments and permissions. The underlying Auth0 service also works well for non-K2 applications.

Bytezoom SmartK2 DocuSign Integration

K2 provides bare bones integration with DocuSign. In addressing the needs of our K2 customers, we found gaps in functionality needed for common use cases. That led to the development  of a more robust K2-DocuSign Integration Framework, which we are calling Bytezoom DocuSign Integration. Functionality includes:

  • DocuSign PowerForms support
  • Return Signer Comments
  • Attach supporting documents to the Document signing email
  • Action a workflow task through document signing alone

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Bytezoom SmartK2 Dropbox Integration

Allows using Dropbox as a document repository for K2 applications. Folders can be managed. Documents can be uploaded, retrieved, moved, or deleted all using SmartObject methods that can be executed in K2 workflows and SmartForms.

Bytezoom SmartK2 WebMerge Integration

Uses WebMerge online services. Provides SmartObject methods that merge data from SmartObject properties into a document template, resulting in a finished document in the selected format, such as MS Word, PDF, JPEG, etc. The merged document can automatically be sent by WebMerge to specified email addresses, and/or returned for saving to a SmartObject property.