Facilitates true Rapid Application Development of K2 applications. Useful for K2 professionals as well as Citizen Developers. Includes time-saving SmartForm Template, SmartK2 Service Broker, and six powerful SmartObjects. With the SmartK2 Workflow Broker you can slash development time from weeks to days while putting testing, troubleshooting, and deployment on a fast track.

SmartForm Templates

Includes SmartForm templates that implement loose coupling between Workflow and SmartForms. You can easily adapt these templates for use in complex or simple applications.

SmartK2 Service Broker

SmartObjects that depend on this service broker implement a pattern for starting workflow processes and actioning tasks with loose coupling between forms and workflow processes. Loose coupling allows separate development, testing, and deployment of forms and workflow processes. This is critical to productivity when more that one developer is working on artefacts of the same application. It also enables the use of SmartForm templates, a big productivity booster not possible with patterns that use tight coupling such as the out of the box SmartForms Integration pattern. See: SmartK2 Rapid Development

Other included functionality allows creation of custom Management Worklists and User Worklists. These highly configurable worklists can include contextual business data from application databases. SmartObject methods are provided for releasing open WorklistItems and redirecting tasks.

Another SmartObject is provided that allows reading and changing workflow process instance variables and the Folio from within a SmartForm while a workflow process is in flight. Another method provides the ability to force a workflow process to GoTo a particular Activity or Step from within a SmartForm rule.

Service Objects

ManagementWorklist Service Object

ManagementWorklist.GetItems Method

UserWorklist Service Object

UserWorklist.GetItems Method

Workflow Service Object

Workflow.Start Method

Workflow.GoToActivity Method

WorkflowData Service Object

WorkflowData.Read Method

WorkflowData.Update Method

WorklistItem Service Object

WorklistItem.Open Method

WorklistItem.Release Method

WorklistItem. Redirect Method

WorklistItemAction Service Object

WorklistItemAction.Execute Method

WorklistItemAction.List Method