Extend K2 Five admin capabilities with this service broker. Includes SmartObjects and SmartForms needed to provide features that are not found with K2 out of the box components. Forms that are included with the service broker make extended K2 Admin operations easy.

K2 Identity Cache Management

Clearing the K2 Identity Cache causes K2 to immediately refresh AD user information for all users or for a filtered subset of users based on a user’s FQN, an AD group’s FQN, or for members of a given K2 Role.

Export K2 Category Permissions

This feature allows K2 Administrators to select a deployed workflow process definition and Version and save it under a new Process Name and/or location within the K2 Category system.  This simple feature makes it easy to start a new process definition from an existing process, rather than starting from scratch.

Export/Import Category Permissions

This feature, which can be selected by Category Path, allows exporting Category Permissions from one environment and importing them to a different environment.

Object Permission Rights Report

Essential for determining and documenting who has access to what, this feature, provides a report by object name which shows actions and permissions by user and also shows inheritance path where permission are inherited. The report can be filtered by Object Name, Object Type, Object Path, Action, Permission, and inheritance.

Users by Role Report

Essential for determining and documenting K2 Role membership, this feature, provides a report showing Security Label, User Name, and Role Name, and can be filtered by any of the displayed headings.

K2 Role Manager Service

This feature allows embedding K2 Role Management within a K2 application. Without granting access to K2 Management, an application administrator can be given the ability to manage K2 Role membership from within a K2 application.